Automation in current world

Automation in this article refers nothing but the Technology. Accumulation of various aptitudes, techniques, processes, and steps for the development of belongings and services is called as the Technology. Some of the ancient developments include internet, printing press, telephone etc. It has created a great impact on human life in both good and bad ways.

Technology in different fields

Technology is being influenced in various fields which includes

1.     Life Science: It is used in different theories of physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, computer science etc

2.    Engineering: Automation are taking place in the fields of biomedical engineering, nanotechnology, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical and electronic engineering etc

3.    Medical science: As every one of us knows that automation is processing in the areas of cancer medicines, normal medicines, health biotechnology etc

4.    Social sciences: It assembles psychology, law, constitutional science etc

5.    Liberal arts: Languages, history, archaeology, ethics etc

6.    Agronomics: Agriculture, forestry, biotechnology etc.

Uses of Technolgy

A.    Business: You can actually save a large amount of money using technology in this field i.e., appointing a person for performing a work and expecting a guaranteed delivery is big-ticket but this doesn’t happen when you use the technology as it scales out easily with the less human source.

B.    Communication: As everybody knows, the smartphones have created a greater impact in our day to day lives.For example,  you can send a business email within few seconds without any delay using smartphones.

C.    Agriculture: Farmers can now use different apps like Famgraze to improve their farming. For example, it helps him to choose the cheap but the best feed for their livestock. It can even check the amount of grass your animal have in the field. Farmers also use machines which replaces the human labor to a great extent.

D.    Other uses includes technology in different apps, educational systems, online shopping, online transactions, natural forces, transportation etc.